Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use interlibrary loan?

HWS Students, Faculty, and Staff may use interlibrary loan.

How do I access Interlibrary Loan request forms?

HWS uses the ILLiad electronic system for Interlibrary Loan. You need to log into this system at It is also accessible through the Library's web page. If this is your first time using Interlibrary Loan, or if your Interlibrary Loan username does not match your network username, logging in with your network username/password will take you to a brief form to complete your registration.

Also, some databases provide a link to interlibrary loan on individual records, WorldCat being a good example.

What if I forget my password?

ILLiad uses your HWS network username and password to access your account. If you forget your password, contact the IT Help Desk (library, first floor; phone 781-4357).

How long will it take to get materials I request?

Loans generally take 1 to 2 weeks. Articles may take 2 days to 2 weeks.

To speed delivery of books we recommend verifying titles in the WorldCat database. Individual records will note if we own the title and will provide a link to the interlibrary loan logon page. The information from WorldCat will automatically populate the request form and the request will go directly to lending libraries without being touched by our staff, reducing turnaround time.

What can I request?

You can request:

  • Books
  • Copies of articles or book chapters
  • Dissertations and theses
  • Conference proceedings
  • Microform
  • Videos/DVDs

It may be difficult to borrow:

  • New books (published in the current year)
  • Entire periodical volumes
  • Reference materials
  • Rare books or manuscripts
  • Textbooks

What if I don't have enough information to fill in the form?

When requesting any item, the more information you can provide the better - but if you lack some of the information for required fields, enter "N/A" (not available) or "?" in order to submit the request.

Are there charges for Interlibrary Loan?

HWS students, faculty and staff are not charged for Interlibrary Loan.

What is Electronic Delivery?

To speed delivery of articles, we deliver them electronically to you in PDF format. You will be sent an email notification when an article is delivered electronically with a link to the ILLiad log-on page. In your main menu, click the "Electronically Received Articles" link under the View menu then click the transaction number of the article you want to view.

How long can I keep borrowed materials?

Due dates are set by the lending libraries with a 2 to 4 week loan period.

If we habitually disregard due dates, libraries will not lend to us. When working on research projects with numerous materials, you should use interlibrary loans first, since libraries can recall items at any time.

Failure to return borrowed materials may result in a $90 replacement fee and a suspension of library borrowing privileges.

May I renew borrowed materials?

Renewals may be requested up to the due date of the item. After that, the system will not allow you to renew online.

Select the "View/Renew Checked Out Items" option under the View menu. Choose the item you want to renew by clicking the Transaction Number, then click "Renew Request" at the top of the detailed record. We will request a renewal from the lending library and will email you when we hear back from them.

Renewals, though often granted, are not guaranteed and are solely the decision of the lending library. If a renewal request is refused and you still need the item, we can request a copy from another library.

Where do I return borrowed materials?

You can return borrowed materials to the Circulation Desk in the Library and tell staff it is an interlibrary loan.

How do student assistants request items for Faculty?

When Faculty need to have student assistants request interlibrary loans for their research, we can set up a shared account that is accessible by both the student and the Faculty member. This avoids having students ordering items for Faculty under their personal accounts.

To set this up, please contact Dan Mulvey in the Interlibrary Loan Department by calling 781-3018 or by emailing

Who do I contact if I have problems with or questions about Interlibrary Loan?

You can contact Dan Mulvey in the Interlibrary Loan Department by calling 781-3018 or by emailing

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